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Medido and Evondos continue joint mission

In February 2023, Medido joined forces with the leading Finnish authority in the field of automatic medication provision: Evondos. This merger has enabled Medido to further strengthen its position, especially in the Dutch market. The impact of this move has ensured that we have jointly reduced the pressure on home care and made an important contribution to the independence of clients. We will continue this joint mission in the future.  

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A shared mission to promote independent living at home

The collaboration between Medido and Evondos is based on a shared mission to improve the quality of home care and offer clients the best care experience. Being part of the Evondos Group contributes to our mission to increase the independence of the elderly and reduce the pressure on home care. Together we strive to make healthcare more personal, efficient, and accessible to everyone who needs it. What is important here is the need we meet to enable people to live independently at home in a for them pleasant way. This is in line with the need that exists now and will continue to expand in the future to allow people to live at home longer due to the pressure on care homes.

Global impact to increase independence 

The positive consequences of the collaboration between Medido and Evondos are not limited to the Dutch and Scandinavian markets. By working together, we collectively aim to promote independence worldwide with a wide range of medication provisions. The experiences and successes gained, serve as inspiration for the global community striving for better and affordable healthcare.

Working together for change

What started in 2008 as two individuals wanting to care for their grandmother, resulted fifteen years later in a collaboration in which strengths and expertise were shared. Alone you go faster, but together you go further. And to truly contribute to a growing problem we are facing today, it is necessary to work together to bring change. The two brands, Medido and Evondos, operate individually under the flag of parent company Evondos Group. To streamline our operations we will change our email addresses to a format of Important email addresses will be  en

About Evondos Group

Evondos Group is the provider of the Evondos service and the Medido service and is a leading company in Europe regarding automated medicine dispensers. While Evondos is the market leader in the field of automatic medicine dispensers in the Nordics, Medido is this in the Netherlands. Evondos Group currently employs more than 300 people in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands.

With a joint mission, Medido and Evondos remain committed to a future in which home care is not only more efficient, but also more personal and better tailored to the needs of each individual. Together they will build on the success of their merger, with a continued focus on innovation, collaboration and creating positive change in healthcare.

Curious about the use of Medido and Evondos services? Please contact the Customer Success Consultants at or

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