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From idea to full service and reimbursement by all health insurers

The Medido medicine dispenser gives clients back their independence

In 2005, the idea of the automatic medicine dispenser was born. Entrepreneur Thijs van Nuenen noticed that his grandmother had difficulty opening her medication because she suffered from arthritis. Out of frustration, she often left the medication lying around, with all the health risks that entailed.

From idea to complete service

And so Thijs came up with the idea of an automatic medicine dispenser. The first clients started using Medido in 2008. Based on their experiences, we have optimised the product down to the very last detail. Various healthcare partners also joined us, which meant that the Medido service was constantly expanding.

In 2009, the medicine dispenser was finally launched on the market. And after some serious lobbying by Thijs, Medido has been fully reimbursed by health insurers since 2012.
This has made the product accessible for many clients.

More than a medicine dispenser

Medido is much more than an automatic medicine dispenser that supports the client in the correct use of medication. It is a trusted aid that gives clients back a bit of freedom and self-sufficiency.

Medido: your eHealth-specialist

Medido has become the market leader in the Netherlands and Scandinavia. We have all the knowledge in house when it comes to remote medication assistance. This enables us to take the burden off the home care organisations: from development to logistics. Medido is part of the Evondos Group.

thijs with medido clock


The Medido service revolves around total medication assistance in the home. Thanks to years of relationships with healthcare partners in the Netherlands and Scandinavia, we are able to completely support home care organisations. Who are our partners?

Medido works together with...
  • 160 home care organisations
  • 1850 pharmacies
  • 41 prepackers
  • 19 care centres
  • All the health insurers


Do you want to help clients become more self-sufficient? Apply to one of our offices in Rijswijk or Zwolle and become part of our fast-growing eHealth organisation. We are always looking for people who care.

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